Volunteering with Right in the Community offers unique opportunities to learn new skills, or use the skill you already have. Many volunteers fulfill community service, school, church or company obligations here at Right in the Community. If you have a skill, we need you!

Construction & Trades
Hands-on with Clients
Special Projects
Yard & Home Maintenance
Music and Entertainment
Administrative & Clerical
Public Relations & Fundraising
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You’ll meet some neat people and feel good about your commitment to the community.

Internship & Co-ops

Right in the Community also offers college internships and co-ops and willingly completes all the necessary forms and evaluations. Interning at Right in the Community will give you a glimpse of your career field from the inside. It will provide work experience that allows you to apply theories, procedures and techniques learned in the classroom and compare them to real work experiences. You will meet people who can open doors to careers for you. You’ll actually help real people. For more information on an internship with Right in the Community, email ibm@rightinthecommunity.org.